Vision Specialty Associates

Independent Doctors of Optometry at Opti-Mart

Vision Specialty Associates, P.A. was established in April 2014 as a doctors association working at Opti-mart, Inc. locations. These are State of Florida Licensed and Board Certified Independent Doctors of Optometry.

Having these experienced and reputable Doctors of Optometry, or Optometrists as they are better known, in our full-service Opti-mart stores, makes it easier for our customers.

Our Optometrists are primary healthcare licensed professionals who can examine the internal health of your eyes. They will provide comprehensive eye exams with tests for eye disease such as glaucoma and cataracts. These are among the leading causes of blindness. Our Vision Specialty Associates Optometrists are skilled at being able to diagnose, treat and manage conditions relating to your vision health.

The dedicated doctors and caring staff at Opti-mart have earned the trust of our patients and the many medical providers with whom we coordinate patient vision care. We strive to put excellent vision care and compassionate customer care first in serving our patients every day.

You are able to get your eye exam, eyewear and accessories all at the same convenient location.

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